What do you need to start Playing

You’ve just discovered the sport, so what’s next?

We’ve gathered all the essentials you need to ace that experience.

✅A Padel court. We’ve got that covered. A net that splits the court into two parts of 10m length and 0.88m height on the center and 0.92m on each end.

✅A Padel Racket, also known as Padel Bat. It is a string-less racket usually made of glass or carbon fiber. You can rent them or buy them from our shop at @wepadelegypt

✅3 Padel balls.they are similar to Tennis balls but with less pressure. We’ve got them too. 🎾🎾🎾

✅4 players. So get your friends and prepare yourself for a fun experience .

🎾We’re waiting for you. Call or WhatsApp 0020128 4511819 to book your courts now.

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