🏆 Join us in our upcoming 1- day Tournament at Wepadel Complex!

Date: Friday 24 /05
Level: D
Entry Fees: 400 EGP
Prize Money: 10K

Reservation limited to 24 teams only, Reserve now!

For more info call: 01284511819.

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WePadel’s 1-day tournament will be played on 8 courts with prize money of 8K for Level C winners, 4K for Level C runners-up, 2K for third place, and 1K for fourth place.

And Level D prize money is 5K for winners, 3K for runners-up, and 1K for the semi-finalists.

Keep following us for more details!

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The journey continues and this time arriving to Alex.

Mashreq Race keeps pushing boundaries, another stop and another incredible padel competition awaits.

Get ready for breathtaking rallies and top-seeded Players vying for the title

Category: Major 1

Registration fees per team
Men: 2,000 EGP
Women: 1,800 EGP
⁠Amateurs: 1,500 EGP
⁠Social: 1,000 EGP
Juniors: 1,000 EGP
Seniors: 1,200 EGP

Register through the official website before 6 May

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استعد للمحطة التالية في سباق المشرق!

يستمر التشويق ونحن نتجه إلى المحطة التالية في سباق المشرق، حيث نصل هذه المرة إلى مدينة الإسكندرية.

استعد لمشاهدات مذهلة ورياضيين بارزين يتنافسون على لقب البطولة.

رسوم التسجيل للفريق:
⁠ ⁠فئة الرجال: ٢٠٠٠ جنيه مصري
فئة السيدات: ١٨٠٠ جنيه مصري
⁠فئة الهواة: ١٥٠٠ جنيه مصري
فئة اجتماعية: ١٠٠٠ جنيه مصري
⁠ فئة الناشئين: ١٠٠٠ جنيه مصري
فئة الرواد: ١٢٠٠ جنيه مصري

سجل من خلال الموقع الرسمي قبل ٦ مايو....


WePadel is announcing Ramadan tournament that’ll take place on the first weekend of Ramadan at Alex West Club.

Date: 14 -16 March.
Levels: D & Beginners. 
Prize Money for D level: 12K.
Prize Money for Beginners level: 8K.
Registration fees: 400/Player.
Location: WePadel, Alex West Club.

Register TODAY!

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Let me tell you this, this year's SUPER WE LEAGUE is gonna be LEGENDARY🔥! 

Introducing a brand new addition to our Super We League series: the Super WE Teams League🤝!
 This category features teams of 6, with 2 players each from levels A/B, C, and D, and an entry fees of 4,500/team. The winners and runners-up will be determined by each team's ranking.

And of course, our usual lineup of thrilling categories🤩:
Super We League (C Division)
Super We League (D Division)
Super We League (Beginners Division)

Entry fees:
Super We League (C Division): 650/player
Super We League (D Division): 600/player
Super We League (Beginners Division): 550/player

And that's not all, folks! 
We're kicking off our FIRST WePadel Tournament of the year for levels D and beginners with total prize money of 20k!💰

Entry fees: 
Level D & Beginners: 400/player
Register now: 01284511819


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Join the WePadel Gold Tournament 50K Now and Let the Challenge Begin! 

Location: WePadel New Smouha
Prize Money: 50K
Levels: B, C, D & Beginners
Dates:  7-9 December

Registration ends 3 December
Entry Fees  : 
Level B: 500 EGP/player 
Level C: 450 EGP /Player 
Level D: 400 EGP /Player 
Beginners : 400 EGP /Player 
Second Level: 250 EGP

*For non-members, the annual fee is just for 100 EGP, Join us today! Membership expires on December 31.

Register now through

"WePadel Tournaments 23' 9th edition 35K"
Location: WePadel courts, @thearc.egy
Levels: C, D, Beginners, Ladies & Juniors
Prize Money: 35K
Dates: 22-25 November
Registration Fees: 
* Level C: 450/ player
* Level D & Beginners: 400/ player
* Mixed & Juniors: 350/ player
* Second Level: 250/ player
Registration Deadline: 19 November 
Register now through 01284511819
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To all football enthusiasts!
Don't miss your chance to be a part of the epic 2nd edition of the Padbol Tournament. Secure your spot Now💥!

Date : 23-25 November
Prize Money : 20K
Registration fees : 300/Player
Location icon: WePadel, The Arc
Registration Deadline : 19 November
Register Now: 01284511819 

#Padel #WePadel #AllCanPadel #WePadelPadbol2ndedition


Looking for professional padel training? Look no further! Enroll now in wepadel's academy and kick-start your padel journey today.

Contact us on : 01090865423

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Don't miss out on your chance to join the 8th edition tournament at Wepadel New 

-Dates : 26-28 October 
- Levels : C, D, Beginners ,Ladies & Juniors 
-Location : WePadel New Smouha 

- Prize Money: 35K

- Registration Fees:

* Level C: 450/ player
* Level D & Beginners: 400/ player
* Ladies & Juniors: 350/ player
* Second Level: 250/ player

- Registration Deadline: 22 October 
Register now through: 01284511819

#Padel #WePadel #AllCanPadel


- Levels: C, D, beginners & juniors ( Under - 14 )
- Dates: 10-13 September 
- Location: WePadel @thearc.egy
- Prize Money: 30K
- Registration Fees:
* Level C: 450
* Level D: 400
* Beginners & Juniors: 350
* Second Level: 250
- Registration Deadline: 6 September
Register now through: 01284511819

Prize money distribution will start from the semifinals!

#WePadel #AllCanPadel #Padel #Wepadel7thEdition

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