Our team of dedicated experts has earned us the enviable position of being able to take on any challenge in the world of padel. Our dedication to providing only the best services and products is the result of our commitment to quality and innovation.

At AFP Courts we work hard to offer quality services and personalised products, applying technology and innovation to maximise results. Our vision is to provide an exclusive service providing a comprehensive padel experience.

Decide what you need and we will make it happen.


Padel courts



adidas FX 2.0

Faithful to the roots of the sport, and boasting unbeatable stability and an attractive and sleek design,

these courts allow maximum return on investment in the long term and are our best-selling product.



adidas Try&Buy

The perfect padel courts for promotions and for sports centres that want to test the success of the sport before buying. The easy installation of the courts ensures they sell themselves.



adidas AFP Panoramic

Our panoramic courts are the result of a combination of innovation, technology and a manufacturing process using only the highest quality materials.

The courts offer spectators perfect visibility and players an unlimited game.



adidas Mobile 360º

Take this magnificent sport anywhere in the world to enjoy the best amateur and professional tournaments in 360°.